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Recharge Team of the Month/Year

New Program to Identify Special Teams

Monthly winners will be selected by the national office after gaining approval from the winning team’s association. The national winner will be chosen from the 12 monthly winners and will be selected by the Executive Committee.

A representative from the winning team will be flown in to the Midyear Meeting and presented with the award during the Referee and Coach of the Year Luncheon.
Awards and prizes will be granted to monthly and yearly winners.

To complete the online nomination form, click on the tab in the top left corner of this page.

You may also download the application here and mail it, along with the team photo and roster, to:

Recharge Team of the Year Award
9152 Kent Avenue, Suite C-50
Indianapolis, IN 46216

The Recharge Team of the Year Award is a new program that is designed to reward teams for their outstanding service off the field over the past year. The award is open to all USASA teams. There is no restriction on the caliber or level of competition, nor is there a requirement for a certain level of success on the field. This award is strictly for teams who actively volunteer or promote the game of soccer in their community.

Each month, new nominations, along with those carried over from previous months, will be reviewed to determine a monthly winner. Each monthly winner will obtain the title of “Recharge Team of the Month” and will be acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts. The 12 winning teams will then be judged against one another and the chosen team will be crowned "Recharge Team of the Year."

Teams may be nominated online or by mail by practically anybody: a player, an opposing player, coach, manager, spectator, etc. In order to be considered, the nomination form must be filled out completely and a team photo, roster, and the contact information for a team manager, player or coach must also be submitted. 


1. Team of the Month winners will receive a plaque and t-shirts. There will be an article published about the team on USASA’s web site and newsletter and also on the MLS and WPS web sites.

2. Team of the Year winners will receive a plaque, a set of 18 Nike uniforms and a representative from the team will be flown into the USASA Midyear Meeting to accept the award. There will be an article published about the team on USASA’s web site and newsletter and also on the MLS and WPS web sites.

Normination form can be found at

USASA Nomination Form

Criteria for Recharge Team Nominations

1. This program rewards teams for outstanding service off the field over the past year (This can include volunteer work from some of the players, service projects, fundraisers, promoting the game of soccer throughout the community and so on)

2. This is not an award based on how well a team has performed on the field or what they did off the field outside the past year

3. There is no restriction on the caliber or level of competition (All teams in USASA are eligible)

4. A team is defined as having 5 or more players (This allows for teams from indoor or short sided leagues to enter)

5. The program runs from August 1 – July 31 (November 1 – July 31 for the first year)

Nominations will rollover from month to month until August 1 or until your team is chosen as a monthly winner. The process will start over each year on August 1, so all nominations from the previous year will not be valid at this time. A new nomination form must be submitted for the upcoming year. If your team was a monthly or national winner the previous year, you may now resubmit your nomination and try to win back to back awards. Please be sure to complete the nomination form in its entirety and send a team photo and official roster along with the form to the address listed below. Entries that do not include a team photo and official roster will not be considered for the award.