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Select Team Program


The goal of the USASA Select Team Program is to form the USASA Men and Women’s National
Select Teams. The National Select Teams will represent the USASA in competition with other professional and international teams. Through these competitive games identification and selection of our elite players into the professional ranks is the ultimate challenge for each player, as well as providing the USASA an identity through this Select Player Program.

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Elite Player Program Commissioner

Our Select Team Program Commissioner is Ante Loncar. For any information regarding the Select Team Program, please contact him.

Contact Ante

Read here for more on the Select Player Program


The United States Adult Soccer Association’s (USASA) Elite Player Program, originally known as the Select Teams Program, identifies players that exhibit skillful qualities with the intent of becoming a part of the USASA National Select Team player pool. Once selected, the player will be showcased in competitions against professional and international teams. The exposure that our elite players may gain by competing against those professional and international teams can result in professional opportunities for those players. In addition to identifying our elite players, the program provides our coaches the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in highly competitive game situations.


The structure of the Elite Player Program begins at the State Association level, where scouts or coaches are recruited to seek out the best available players in their areas. Once these players have been identified, they are invited to attend the USASA Elite Player National Camp. At the Elite Player National Camp players will be tested in training sessions and games to determine a USASA National Select Team. The USASA National Select Teams then schedules events/games during the following year to provide the players opportunities to display their talents in front of professional and international competitions.

In addition to players being invited to the Elite Player National Camp, all National State Association Select Teams and/or League Select Teams within a National State Association are invited to compete in the USASA’s National Select Teams Championship, also known as the George F. Donnelly Cup.